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Searching for a superfood that contains almost everything the body needs? Not to worry, this Sea Moss is just what you’re looking for! Sea moss is truly one of nature’s most powerful superfoods that is absolutely beneficial.

Perfect to Be Added to Your Daily Meals

In its natural state, sea moss is one of nature's most powerful superfoods! From the waters of St. Lucia comes our Sun-Dried Wildcrafted Organic Jamaican Sea Moss. Add sea moss to your coffee, tea, and meals! It can also be added to smoothies, and some even take a teaspoon by mouth once formulated into a gel. It’s even a great thickener for soups and beans!

Contains Almost All the Minerals in the Human Body, 92 of the 102 minerals found in the human body are found in sea moss! Among the minerals are calcium, magnesium, iodine, vitamin C, vitamin B, zinc, and sulfur. As a result, sea moss can support thyroid function as well as boost immunity!

Other Sea Moss Benefits:
Sea Moss can support the growth of your hair, nails, and skin, It will help reduce the mucus in your body, improve your energy, help heal your digestive tract which will lead to improved digestion along with helping relieve joint pain

1/2 ounce of raw sea moss can yield up to 2 pints of sea moss gel
Raw sea moss can also be broken down and incorporated into hair products, skin products, soap, etc

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